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Without Limits Team Galaxy - Special Olympics 

Without Limits was started by Kati Hassall in 2017. The goal was to
provide opportunities to the community that gave our clients the chance to participate
in classes and various programs where they were safe, led by people who knew how to
meet their varying needs, and most importantly where they were loved. Without Limits
allows individuals with different abilities to perform and show everyone how amazing they
are! Since 2017, Without Limits has grown to offer recreational dance classes,
competition dance classes, drama classes, cheerleading, and now Special Olympic
athletics since 2022. Our three branches are:


The Leu is excited to work with Without Limits - Team Galaxy to bring Special Olympics sports training to Mascoutah!  We have been happy to host floor hockey, basketball and a special Shoot the Rock kickoff game between Team Galaxy and Mascoutah's police department, fire department and EMS!

*All participants must have an active Leu membership to participate in classes.  Family memberships cost $50 for the whole year! Individual memberships (age 15+) only cost $35 for the whole year!

**You may attend one free trial class without a Leu membership. 

More information about Without Limits - Team Galaxy

Dates: Team Galaxy hopes to offer as many of the 12 Special Olympics sports that
Illinois offers. That will be determined by the number of athletes that contact us and
want to join our teams. At the present time, Team Galaxy has 2 Special Olympic
basketball teams competing to go to Illinois State competition in March and a snowshoe
team that goes to Illinois State competition in February. Our swim team started practice
2 weeks ago. The next sport being organized now is soccer. All 12 of the Special
Olympics sports are spaced out over 12 months, but very often the practices do overlap.
Team Galaxy is also hoping to possibly having a hiking group or biking group, a
Wellness Group, and a community service group in the near future. At the present time,
we host a free Moose Friday Fun Night each month. The next one is Friday, February
3. This Event is open to all those with special needs who would be Special Olympics

*Note:  You do not need to be in Special Olympics to attend, but you need to
be eligible to participate in Special Olympics in order to attend our events.

***Must be registered through the below link to be admitted to the event.

***Please follow the link below to register.


Days: Practices for each of our Team Galaxy teams vary since they are based on our
coach’s availability and venues. Team Galaxy has appreciated the use of Leu Civic
Center to hold our floor hockey and basketball practices.


Times: Times also vary based on coach’s availability and venue availability.
Instructor: Kati Hassall leads the Dance and Theater section; Lisa Elbe leads the SO
Cheer section; Richard Crothers leads the Team Galaxy section. In addition to our
leaders, we have many volunteers who aid in our efforts.


Age: Without Limits is our goal – therefore, we attempt to work with all ages. To
compete in Special Olympics, the athlete must be at least 8 years old. However,
Special Olympics has a program that works with ages 2 through 7. It is called Young
Athletes and works with developing skills to be ready to compete when they reach the
age of 8.


Cost: Membership in Without Limits is $50 per year.
Class size: Varies
Location: Varies

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