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Our Team

The Leu Civic Center has a fantastic team composed of our staff, board, instructors and volunteers!!

Our Staff

Jenna Smith - Executive Director

Alaina Pipas - Assistant to the Director

Reagan Hightower - Administrative Manager

Katie Curnane - Community Coordinator 

Imani Wade - Tutoring/ Volunteer Liaison

Our Board

Chris Bandre - President

Chasidy Smith - Vice President

Jeremy Bearth - Treasurer

Karen Detering - Secretary

Cheryl Orlet

Sharon Hopkins

Dennis Armstrong

Ryan Gass

Madeline Ducharme

Adam Vega

Joel Pikora

Our Evening Instructors

Jessie Janssen - Zumba

Chris Mark - Karate

Keith Albrecht - Tae Kwon Do

Paul Mechem - Chess

Julie Wallin - Gymnastics

Sarah Vega - Writing

Our Homeschool Class Instructors

Imani Wade - Book Club

Erin O'Dell - Drama

Jodie Rodriguez - Early Childhood

Erin Duke - Lego, Gameschool, Art

Sally Farrington - Watercolor

Jessica Pollock - Yoga

Abby Schnicker - Run Club

Amanda Putman - Science

Carole Smith - Science

Ms. Brandyll - P.E. 

Amanda Putman - Science

And many more! 


The Leu could not keep running without our volunteers! We have volunteers that help with everything from tutoring to painting and special events. Thank you so much to everyone who generously shares their time and skills with us! 

We appreciate you and all you do! Thank you for your service!!!

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