Coach Assistant

Position: Coach Assistant


Qualifications: Assistant Coaching Volunteers must be 18 or older.

Anyone under 18 MUST ALWAYS be supervised.

They should have thfollowing

Clear understanding of game

Desire to work with children

Time and Energy to devote

Enthusiasm, patience, and outgoing personality

Be a positive role model and mentor


Coach young children

Teach sport fundamentals and skills

Teach good sportsmanship and focus on learning not just winning

Be a positive role model and mentor

Time Commitment: 

  • Seasonal position generally lasting 8 weeks. Different sports may have different time commitments

Location of work: Leu Civic Center Gymnasium

Benefits of Volunteering: 

Satisfaction from teaching children new skills and seeing advancement

Free parking

Ongoing training opportunities

Special QualificationsMust be able to climb stairs. The building has activity areas on
multiple floors and no elevator.

Staff ContactDana Meyer, Volunteer Coordinator
Telephone: 618-566-2175 or 618-566-0055


background check is required

Volunteer Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________


Supervisor Signature: ____________________ Date: _______________

*NoteJunior Volunteers (under 18) will be considered for an assistant
coaching positions on a case by case basis.