"Give a child a toy and they will play for a day. Teach a child chess and they will play for a lifetime."

Instructor: Paul Mechem. Paul is a United States Chess Federation rated Expert. He has more than 25 years of chess experience teaching students of all ages. Having previously worked as a therapeutic youth counselor and foster care/adoption social worker in Illinois as well as with adults with disabilities in St. Louis, Paul now teaches chess professionally in Missouri and Illinois.

Chess instruction for ages Kindergarten to adult

From beginner to expert

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Cost is $30 per month (after the 7th of each month a $10 late fee will be added)

Limited to 20 participants

We teach:

  • Fun! Enjoying the game and the social side of chess.
  • The basics: rules, the board, piece movements, check, checkmate and stalemate.
  • Tactics and Combinations: how to win pieces and checkmate!
  • Openings, Middle game and Endings: where your pieces go and when and why they go there.
  • Official tournament play: Get involved in the wider chess world through unrated USCF rated play.

What our students learn:

  • Respect: We go into every game with a winning attitude and come out with a winning attitude.
  • Leadership: motivating yourself, assisting others, and providing a positive role model; chess will teach leadership skills to last throughout life.
  • Evaluation: chess develops the skills needed to break down large. problems into manageable parts and to address each part in turn.
  • Values: chess teaches confidence, creativity, and patience.