Keeping Up Self-Care During Lockdown

With a health threat lurking right outside your door, it’s more important than ever to keep your self-care regimen intact. Many businesses are closed or on limited availability, so maintaining a semblance of your routine can be tough. With the following resources, though, you can ensure you maintain your well-being throughout stay-at-home orders and beyond.

Maintain Physical Fitness

If your normal go-to was the gym or a yoga studio, a big chunk of your routine was disrupted when the pandemic broke out. However, you might be surprised what you can do with an in-home workout.

Even if you just have a few square feet of floor and no equipment, points out that you can get an excellent full-body workout

Did you recently start working from home and install an office? Consider adding a workout space to your workspace.

Ready to go whole hog? With a dedicated room, you can design a fully equipped home gym.

Whether money is tight or you just love a bargain, you can pick up used gym equipment if you know where to shop.

Eat for Your Well-Being

It might feel impossible to keep up a nutritious diet when it’s tough to get to the grocery store and prices are skyrocketing. Healthy eating is a must, though, especially in tough times.

Nonperishable items can be your saving grace, so pack your pantry with wholesome go-tos.

Avoid trips to the supermarket by enlisting well-chosen meal delivery services.

Make sure you avoid foods that could increase your stress levels.

Feeling down with all that’s going on? Be sure to test-drive some recipes that can lift your spirits.

Simple Actions

Self-care can feel pretty complex, especially with a situation like we have with COVID-19. Yet even some of the smallest actions can help ensure you stay happy and healthy.

Humans are social beings, so if you’re becoming isolated, connect with your crew. Have a happy hour or just meet online one-on-one and sip your favorite beverage.

Spend a little time in the sun every day to benefit your mental and physical health.

Feeling stressed? Laugh out loud, literally! Mayo Clinic explains it really is the best medicine for stress, so look up some funny memes or stream a favorite comedian.

Read a book, research something online, or take a class, because learning is jam-packed with perks.

Taking care of yourself is more important than ever. Make sure you keep exercising and enjoy proper nutrition, and take simple actions to ensure your quality of life. The pandemic may be here to stay for the foreseeable future, but with these self-care tips, you can come through it happy and healthy.